Voodoo lab power

With completely isolate filtere and regulated output sections, Pedal Power Digital keeps your pedals dead quiet and free from high-frequency noise that occurs with digital switching power supplies. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Dit betrouwbare en volkomen storingsvrije apparaat wordt door menige professional aanbevolen.

Bijna ieder denkbaar merk en type pedaal kan hiermee van stroom worden voorzien. Convenient, quiet power for of your favorite stomps. With eight 9V completely isolate regulate and highly filtered outputs, Pedal Power 2 .

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Shop at Andertons and enjoy our award-winning service, free next-day UK delivery and finance! Treat yourself at Andertons Music Co. Filter, regulate, isolate, and protect!

All pedals (except TimeLine, Mobius, and BigSky):. You can, but please take these precautions: First, make sure the dip switches on the bottom of your Pedal Power are set to the NORMAL (9V) position. Do not subject your Strymon pedal to any voltage above 9V as doing so will damage your pedal and void your warranty. International orders: Sorry we can not sell any foreign versions, only the 120V AC USA version of the PP2.

If you do not have 120V AC, please find the PPin your country.

Rugge reliable and handmade from the finest. Pedal Power Plus does it, and does it well, because any less will degrade your pedals performance. Гарантия на всю продукцию.

Нашли дешевле – мы сделаем скидку! Use these outputs for high current pedals like the Boss DD-2 EH holy grail, etc. Use any output on the NORMAL setting for linecompact pedals. Only the larger MODELING . Straight Barrel AC Cable, 18inch.

Straight Reverse Polarity Barrel Cable . Dit is een meervoudige stroomverzorging voor tot acht effectapparaten! Voodoo Lab Pedal power Plus. Ieder van de acht uitgangen is afgescherm tegen storingen gefilter beveilingd tegen kortsluitingen en gestabiliseerd. Twee van de uitgangen zijn regelbaar om de typische eigenschappen van een zwakker wordende batterij te simuleren.

Hi there, I was looking to clean up my pedal board and get rid of walwarts where I could. The isolated outputs prevent ground loops. The low-noise toroidal transform.