Visco fuse

Welcome to our online shop Viscofuse. We sell the best quality Visco fuse of Europe. We will ship each order directly after the payment has been recieve using European stamps, making delivery to you as fast as possible.

You will receive a confirmation after payment and you can always contact us with any . Cheap visco fuse , buy it safe and easy online in our visco fuse store. A visco fuse is a higher-quality fuse used for consumer fireworks.

It is most commonly colored green or re and is found as a twiste coated strand. It is also used to create delays in the firing of multiple firework displays. Green VISCO fuse mm, m. Chinese made fuse, also called visco or wick. Very high quality fuse, gives a lot of fire, very lightly coated with nitrocellulose laquer (not waterproof).

Excellent, high quality fuse , gives a lot of fire, very lightly coated with nitrocellulose laquer (not waterproof). Offering high quality firework fuses and accessories, at the lowest prices. We carry the largest selection of cannon fuse anywhere.

Over types and speeds. Dit artikel is uit de collectie verwijderd of ge-update. Excuses voor het ongemak.

Free delivery on all orders . A large variety of firework fuse – Our fuse selection includes a variety of different lengths, speeds, and sizes. Check out our bulk and wholesale pricing! An interesting new fuse is being used on consumer fireworks, reloadable aerial shells. Some of this fuse appears quite similar to normal green Visco (hobby or cannon ) fuse but with substantially different burn characteristics.

Typical Visco fuse burns at a rate of approximately 0. An easy and reliable method to attach ematches to consumer fireworks or visco fuse for electric ignition. From time to time there is speculation regarding the performance characteristics of visco fuse under various conditions. This article presents the of a brief study of this topic. While it is likely that visco fuse from other manufacturers will perform . The name visco is an abbreviation for polyviscose, meaning a polymer made from cellulose.

An example of such a polymer is nitrocellulose, which is commonly used to coat visco fuse after the nitrocellulose is first dissolved in acetone. Some currentproduction visco fuse is thought to be coated with other types of lacquer. NT or WA, also, planetpyro or pyroplanet (i forget ), ship fuse to australia.