Een spanningsafhankelijke weerstand (Engels: Voltage Dependent Resistor, afgekort VDR, ook varistor ) is een weerstand waarvan de waarde varieert met de spanning die wordt aangelegd over de weerstand. De benaming varistor is een samentrekking van variable en resistor, niet te verwarren met een potentiometer of . A varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage. Also known as a voltage-dependent resistor (VDR), it has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current–voltage characteristic that is similar to that of a diode. In contrast to a diode however, it has the same characteristic for both . A varistor is a voltage dependent resistor (VDR).

Varistor gehanteerd worden. The resistance of a varistor is variable and depends on the voltage applied. The word is composed of parts of the words “variable resistor”.

Their resistance decreases when the voltage increases. In case of excessive voltage increases, their resistance drops. To find the varistor that meets your needs, start with Littelfuse.

Browse a selection of varistors , including the metal oxide varistor , today. Littelfuse varistors are available in a variety of forms to serve a wide range of applications. Options include ultra small surface mount multi-layer suppressor ( MLV) devices for small electronics applications, and traditional mid- range metal- oxide (MOV) radial and axial leaded devices for protection of small machinery, power . Many series and parallel connections determine the voltage rating and the current capability of the varistor.

Manufacturing process flow . Weltweit vernetzt unterstützen wir Sie in der Beschaffung vielfältiger Produkte. The most common type of varistor uses a metal oxide and hence they are often known as metal oxide varistors , MOV. As a result of their voltage dependent nature, these devices are also known as voltage dependent resistors. With industry-leading research and design tools, Arrow makes finding the right part easy.

Well, consider the following. You probably have a prototype board on your desk that contains the simple circuit shown below. It is a basic circuit: a power supply and load. There is no protection for the loa or the supply, from voltage transients.

With no circuit protection device, what could . Shop with confidence on eBay! A Potentiometer is a fixed resistance with a mechanically adjustable wiper which can be moved from one end of the fixed . Fabrication Metal oxide (i.e., ZnO) varistors were invented in Japan by workers at Matsushita Electric Corp.