Test probes

Find a vast selection of test probes and test leads including oscilloscope probes, multimeter probes, environmental probes, banana test leads, crocodile test leads and more, designed for a wide range of test and design applications. Order your leads and probes singularly, in sets, or as a kit if you need a full measurement . Use to generate the Test Probe order number our Configurator. A test probe is a physical device used to connect electronic test equipment to a device under test (DUT).

Specific types include test prods, oscilloscope probes and current probes.

For contacting loaded PCBs in automatic test equipment ( ATE) with vacuum, pneumatic or mechanically operated fixtures. Also used inside a functional test station as part of a larger production line. As an innovative company we further develop ourselves and our products continually. We accept the challenges the market and you the customer present us with, and are always a step ahead of the increasingly demanding test requirements.

Many press-in test probes offered by INGUN are also available as a screw-in version. They remain securely positioned in the receptacle even under challenging test conditions with vibrations or axial force (probes will not move out of the receptacle). At our store, get all latest versions of test probes with the best quality and value, to maximize the ROI for our customers. Adjustable tip length, allowing increased safety and precision Compatible with the TL22x series, TL2and TLtest leads Conforms t.

Find great deals on eBay for Test Probe in Test Equipment Probes. The world of spring loaded contact probes is separated in two types of application: Testing and interconnecting. Test Probes are mainly used in test systems for electronic components. We offer products for a wide range of test applications such as: Imperial probes and metric probes probes for In-Circuit- and . Full portfolio of standard spring contact probes for board test ranging from 0. Total support provide from delivery overseas to maintenance.

INGUN boasts the top share and offers a quality product lineup consisting of more than 20types. With over years of history since its founding, INGUN boasts unflagging trust and proven track record. Recommended for with Keysight standard test leads.

The probes are rated at CAT II 300V, 3A. ATE Probes , Pogo Pins and Contact Pads. Gold-plate spring-loade capable of thousands of cycles. Tests prods are developed to meet electrical testing requirements in a variety of applications and provide a reliable means of testing bare or loaded circuitries where a number of contact points must be accessed.

They are designed for cable connection by soldering or crimping, depending on the metal inserts . General Purpose, Socket, 0. Size Gold Plate A A, Solder Cups, R-Series. Smiths Interconnect Americas, Inc.

PCB terminal blocks and multi-connector systems. DIN rail terminal blocks. PTR is responding to the globalisation of markets with an expanded distribution network.

Test probes for PCB and cable test. In over countries worldwide, qualified personnel ensure that our products . Spring Contact Probes and Solid Test Pins. Used for testing printed circuit boards. The highest quality nanomechanical test instrumentation requires the highest quality nanomechanical testing probes. Test can only be as good as the probes that are used.

All Bruker probes are designed to pass a through a comprehensive quality assurance check – a . Copamate probes are designed to measure pressure of differential pressure. From industrial and manufacturing RD to leading-edge scientific experiments or electrical engineering course practical sessions, almost every electronics laboratory requires test probes and leads. Test lab managers and purchasers will find an extensive choice of commonly used and specialist leads and probes here,.