Sunkko 709a

Sunkko 709A Spot Welder Teardown. A is our classic model, which combines the function ofspot welding andsoldering, the machine greatly improves the convinence of your battery DIY process. I bought a 709A thinking that since it had wands it would be the ultimate solution to my problem. A is a typical model in our 7series, it combines welding function with circuit soldering function.

Various welding methods make your DIY process more convinient and efficient.

You can build your battery pack with fixed welding hea or with foot pedal controling system. Mobile welding pen also solves the spot welding . Combinatie van batterij puntlassen en printplaat soldeerapparaat 2. Vaste puntlassen hoofd en mobiele puntlassen met elkaar gecombineerd in een machine, zodat u flexibele manieren van lassen kunt aanhouden. Please note that the left button is welding power switch, the right button is soldering power switch.

The color of the button maybe different. It failed on me rather quickly, either from a faulty triac, or from overheating the triac due to.

In practice it turns on but not firm. Someone has already solved this problem. Aliexpress Bad seller Alisa zhang. Disput closed without reason. She told me to fix and use.

It may not be the TRIAC that is smoked . I have only welded a few batteries with it, and suddenly I hear some funny sounds inside the welder. The sound reminded me of something short circuiting, but it lasted a few seconds. The machine is a combination of battery spot welding and circuit board solder, which makes your work more convenient. SUNKKO 709A Battery Spot Welder Battery Welding Machine Soldering 1. Fixed spot-welding head a. Выбор аппарата контактной сварки.

Цена кажется не очень адекватной. Pulse Spot Welder 709A Battery Welding Soldering Machine 1. Used for circuit board etc.

Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Nt_kA2LcРаспаковка и тестирование сварочного аппарата для . Wholesale cheap spot welder brand -1. Chinese welders supplier – txxstar on DHgate. Точечная сварка используется для более . Данный аппарат односторонней точечной сварки предназначен для изготовления аккумуляторных сборок из элементов питания различного типа (Ni-C Ni-MH, Li-Ion и т.д.).

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