Stages power meter problems

Please check out some of the following topics to see if there is a solution. Is the firmware up to date on . RoadBikeReview Forums forums. Anyone else have this issue? Because of the simple mounting, they have quickly conquered the market.

Stages power meter – battery life? In addition, they offer a wide variety of crank arms. In this video i run through some of the most common stages power meter problems and issues and solve them. When it works it is great, readings are stable, it is subtle and hidden out of the way and it weighs next to nothing.

For me personally, my original battery lasted a good months, before it expired. I also think that the unit in sleep mode is just in a low power mode where it is periodically checking for movement. I have done a firmware update on the power meter. I will let you know what happens next. The problem is still the same.

I bought I new Edge 5because of all the drop issues. Guess what, several big signal drops during my first indoor trainer ride. Hey everyone, I acquired a stages Ultegra single crank arm power meter about a month ago. It has treated me pretty well when I use it on the rollers. Would be interested in other.

If even one of the tabs is broken, this . The first thing i noticed was how low power reading was. I used them a month an after ten rides, i. En wat zijn die cijfers. Hi all, I have my stages powermeter for over a month now and today I could not get it to connect to my garmin head unit. Even though I only used it for four weeks, I would like to have power meter on road bike to measure hill climb interval efforts. If I was a pure time triallist one pm may be enough.

This is my first power meter and so far it has been great. I have typically been using it with my Garmin 9but with this app it will give me my power and cadence. Workts great no problems connecting to my meter. It had no issues when updating my firmware or calibrating the zero ofset, which is the main reason that I . I just started using a stages power meter and it works as expected but with one major flaw so far. Stage 2nd gen power meter with the ELEMNT?

Returned it and bought a Garmin . Bought a stages power meter a few months ago and was quite pleased but recently its becoming a pain in the ar$e. I get onto the manufacturer? As with any power meter , we highly recommend installing the latest firmware regularly for the . When it semi dawned on me that I needed to be peer pressured into getting a power meter , a quick glance across the market highlighted that while it.