Sata connector on motherboard

The term SATA generally refers to the types of cables and connections that follow this . I am a newbie trying to figure out how to get the most out of my computer and I have not been able to find the answer on the net to what must be a very dumb question: what are all those SATA ports on the motherboard for? What gets connected to them? Any help you can give me is much appreciated. Is it possible to add more sata ports ?

Were to plug sata cable of harddisk on motherboard. Which SATA connector to use? SATA CONNECTORS – Blue, Black or does it. SATA removes the master-slave relationship between parallel hard drives , with each driving connecting to the motherboard using its own SATA adapter. The floppy controller on a motherboard is a 34-pin header, as are the connections on 3. Notice that the cable on the left is insulated and has a wider connector than the other.

The flat, red cable on the right has a smaller connector.

It really depends on your motherboard – there is no standardization as to what colors mean for SATA ports on different motherboards. You will have to refer to the manual that came with your motherboard for clearer identification. Commonly, SATA ports on a motherboard that has different colors can be . The SATA standard defines a data cable with seven conductors (three grounds and four active data lines in two pairs) and mm wide wafer connectors on each end. PATA ribbon cables , in comparison, connect one . SATA offers several advantages over IDE, such as vastly increased speed and slimmer cables that allow for more efficient cooling, making it advantageous for your business to use SATA devices whenever possible. However, every motherboard that supports SATA supports a particular generation that touts different data access speeds.

All the SATA ports on a motherboard are the same spee but all . Once the drive is mounte connecting it to your system is quick and easy. Connect the hard drives with SATA. SATA uses simple cables that are keyed to fit on the drive and motherboard connector. These connectors are used to link to the front-panel USB ports on PC cases.

SATA connectors : These components connect via cables to various storage devices, including hard-disk drives, solid-state drives, and optical drives. IDE connector : Rarely found today, IDE connectors were . I have an Iomega E- SATA external HDD that used an E- Sata card in a PCI slot in my previous computer.

My new computer, does not have any slots for the card and SATA ports for additional drives on the motherboard. Can I get a SATA cable and connect the drive to the motherboard and use the power . Next, you need to find a spare SATA port on your motherboard. These are usually located at the bottom-right of the board and are numbered. The lower the number , the higher up the boot chain your SSD is.

Working perfect, pull from MSI GTwith motherboard revision 1. Hi, the little black plastic on the sata connector from de motherboard is broken and i can’t plug my sata hard drive and i would like to know if i can do something to fix it. SerialATA is capable of delivering 1.