Rg 214

Our RF, microwave and millimeter wave products maintain a 99. Pasternack RG2flexible coax cable is Ohm and has a PE dielectric. RG2Cable features silver-plated copper conductors, a low density, PE dielectric, and black PVC jacket. RG2coax cable has an attenuation at GHz of 7. View full RG2specs and request a quote here.

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RG 2U – Coaxial Cable Ohm – For indoor installation as well as in industrial areas in conduits and cableducts, for transmission of high frequency signals and power. High Frequency Data transmission (communication equipment, radar, instrumentation equipment),. Video signal transmission. Low smoke emission and opacity . Both cables are designed for use in telecommunications, radio communications, broadcast, and computer applications. Кабель высокочастотный RG2(Ом) 10.

Poly dielectric shield coverage, vel. Коаксиальные кабели используются для передачи высокочастотных сигналов в различной электронной аппаратуре, особенно в трансмиттерах и ресиверах, компьютерах, радио- и ТВ-передатчиках. Различные механические, температурные и электрические характеристики коаксиальных .

This flexible Ohm coax cable RG2is. Inner conductor: copper, strande silver plated. Dean Morley demonstrates the correct method for terminating N type crimp connectors for making RG – 2. RG2is low loss cable with double braid and non-contaminating jacket. Construction double braid. Stranded silver plated copper.

PVC according the European Standard HD 624. Cable Partners kwaliteit tot in de kern. The RG cables listed cover the majority of high frequency data and signal transmission requirements. Coaxial cables are applied for broadband transmission of radio, TV, video and data signals.

Conductor Innenleiter – Conduttore Interno – Conducteur. Suitable for larger distances and in . RG2coaxial cable is applied for inst. Non- contaminating PVC Jacket, Commerical Non-QPL Product. RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies at Farnell element14.

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