Power resistor

They are often designed to be coupled with heat sinks to be able to dissipate the high amount of power. Some might even need forced air or liquid cooling while under maximum load. Some are wire woun some are made from wire grids for ease of cooling, but the common thing for all power resistors is that they are built to . What are power resistors?

We have an extensive variety of high power resistors with different mounting options and constructions to fit all customer needs.

Ohmite is a power resistor manufacturer with over years of experience who provides industry-leading power resistors , heatsinks and industrial power controls. Our full complement of resistor construction includes wirewoun wire element, thick film and ceramic composition. Request a quote or call us today! These resistors are capable of dissipating large amounts of power without damaging themselves.

This kit is perfect for testing projects that require large amounts of . Light bulbs, for example, power electricity into light. But a resistor can only . Ventwound Type VR Amps: 2.

Manufacturer of Industrial Resistors. To find out, we need to be able to calculate the amount of power that the resistor will dissipate. Aluminum Housed Heatsink Resistors. Globally the No range of aluminium housed power resistors ranging from watts to 3watts. Designed for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve . Electrical Characteristic, Mechanical size and Construction, Electrical Connection can be tailor-made.

Riedon is a manufacturer of power resistors , shunt resistors and has equivalents. Find the resistor you need by visiting our website today! A wide range of power resistances, e. Long Description: RESISTOR,ZRF30X167. Any resistor in a circuit that has a voltage drop across it dissipates electrical power. This electrical power is converted into heat energy hence all resistors have a power rating.

This is the maximum power that can be dissipated from the resistor without it burning out. The rate of conversion is the power of dissipation. FRIZLEN produces steel-grid resistors , wirewound resistors and potentiometers, with protection degrees IP0 IP2 IP2 IP4 IPand IP67.

A power resistor is a resistor designed and manufactured to dissipate large amounts of power in a compact physical package. In general they have a power rating of at l.

ARCOL – HS25R1J – Resistor , WW. Resistors are rated according to their maximum power dissipation. IN STOCK – MORE THAN 1READY TO SHIP! Technology: wirewoun aluminum housed.

They are typically constructed of metal wire or carbon, and engineered to maintain a stable resistance value over a wide range of environmental conditions. Unlike lamps, they do not produce light, but they do produce heat as electric power is dissipated by them in a working circuit. Typically, though, the purpose of a resistor. Passive Components – Chassis Panel Mount Resistors.

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