Musical fidelity v link

V-LINK1(DISCONTINUED) – Overview. A standard USB connection from your computer performs . Deze USB naar SPDIF converters vormen een belangrijke schakel in de weergave van muziek . Voor wie het wellicht nog niet weet: de V – Link is een koppeling tussen usb-audio en spdif. A computer is not optimized for the uninterrupted streaming of audio data.

Up to now, this has been the territory of very expensive asynchronous devices only. So, MF distributor offered me to review this unit as it has just arrived in his stock weeks back. Yes, the unit is actually on the market for a while now but just officially brought into Malaysia.

This could be the missing link between computer-stored music and high-quality systemsWhether streaming online music or playing music “ripped” from CDs, the idea of linking computer and hi-fi seems to trouble many. Streamen en downloaden zijn inmiddels de meest gebruikte manieren om muziek te luisteren. Musical Fidelity V-link II USB to SPDIF. Echter, niet alle computers zijn gemaakt om high-quality audio af te spelen.

Met deze USB to SPDIF converter is jouw computer dat wél!

Check hier een review van hifi. Хотел бы услышать Ваши мнения или советов может быть есть что то . Audiophile performance from a computer? Computers make it fun and easy to play music, but getting true audiophile sound quality from your laptop or desktop into your home audio system and speakers can be a challenge without the right tools. Отзывы, описание, характеристики.

List and delivered great sonic performance. Кстати, мой первый адаптер подобного рода стоил всего $1 но у него был только выход Toslink, он имел непрезентабельный пластиковый корпус . As a matter of fact, the explosive growth of computer audio has spawned multiple new product categories for audiophiles. These include the proliferation of USB . V – Link 1retails for $3USD original V – Link retails for $1USD. Re: Het grote V-Link Topic. Het apparaatje sampled zelf niks op.

De maximale samplefrequentie is kHz. This exciting consumer led revolution gives new and exciting possibilities for . It simply has a USB B plug input at . It connects to your PC or Mac by USB 2.

RCA coaxial and Toslink optical. To overcome PC jitter issues, it uses asynchronous-mode USB transfer. Asynchronous bit 96kHz USB to SPDIF converter.