Milliohm meter

Battery Powered Milliohm Meter High accuracy, high resolution portable Milliohm Meter for field use. Quickly check windings opens or shorts in motors, generators and transformers, wire-to-wire connection resistances, heating elements testing and contact resistance in critical electrical connections. Find great deals on eBay for Milliohm Meter in Electric Multimeters. Most items are also available for rental or lease. Due to size or weight of the product, your shipping charge may increase.

Extech, Digital Multimeters MilliOhm Meter. MΩ wide measurement range. The model 3Digital Milli-Ohm Meter is used to ensure continuity and integrity of a wire, cable, conduit or any electrical connection.

The 3has a display resolution of 1micro-ohms and has a professional four wire Kelvin test lead set included to ensure accurate readings. The heavy duty case has a rubber seal to . Precision Milli Ohm Meter (3). If you want to know the resistance of low resistance components such as wires, switches, and coils, this milliohmmeter can be used.

It is very simple and inexpensive. Resistance Range – Milli and Microhm Meters. This is an accurate milliohm meter with a maximum resolution of 0. The design is very simple, the whole assembly can be built in a couple of hours once all the.

LCR Meter,Capacitance Meter,Bias Current Test System,Bias Current Source, Ripple Current Tester,IR Meter,HF AC Tester, Milliohm Meter ,Component Test Scanner,Magnetic Component Test System,Electrical Dou. A milliohm meter is a very handy piece of test equipment. Most hand-held multimeters cannot measure low resistances and bench meters that can, are usually quite expensive. When using a single pair of leads . Micro-Ohmmeter and Milliohmmeter equipment and supplies on sale.

We accept purchase orders and provide educational and government discounts. The GOM-8milliohm meter is designed for component and material resistance measurements in laboratories and other test environments. This instrument is a portable digital meter to measure low resistances over the range 0. A high degree of accuracy is achieved by utilising a four terminal input to eliminate errors caused by test lead length. One of the most important features of the milliohm meter is its low (5mA) test current.

Transport and Power Utility. Features, Specifications, Alternative Product, Product Training Modules, and Datasheets are all available. Considering a milliohm meter to measure the resistance of windings in a 3-phase motor.

Typical resistance is in the range of 0. The Milliohm Meter board V1. I had already started on the version 1. OSH Park for manufacturing, .