Martindale test

Martindale test is een slijtproef op stoffen waarbij wordt nagegaan hoe snel vlakke weefsels draden doorslijten of bij poolweefsels kaal slijten optreedt. In de regel is meer dan 25. Een strakke stoffering brengt meer wrijfweerstand . The Martindale test is a measure of the durability of a fabric.

Have you heard about the Martindale test for fabric durability? Tests are undertaken on upholstery fabrics to determine the suitability for their usage in your.

It is an internationally recognized test and gives the most true to life. Using a Martindale machine, a piece of fabric is stretched between two discs, one . The tests are undertaken on upholstery fabrics to check their suitability for various uses – i. Recommended for decorative . Yes, there are names for these methods that have been developed to test the durability of fabrics. Overlooked Plants That Can Survive The Dark (Almost). Domestic fabrics often have a rating of 20rubs.

Generally, the higher the Martindale.

The test gives a score in 000′s of „cycles‟ or „rubs‟. Score the more suitable the fabric for heavy usage. For example several KOTHEA velvets and Faux Leathers have scores of over 100making them usable for heavy contract . Both Wyzenbeek and Martindale are abrasion or rub tests. They are however different tests which test different properties and success in one test does not infer success in the other.

Wyzenbeek involves rubbing along the warp and weft of the fabric whereas Martindale is a figure-rub. Most fabrics undergo the Martindale Test to check their durability and suitability for various uses, i. Martindale Abrasion Teste is ideal for determining the abrasion resistance of upper, lining, socking, and similar types of shoe materials, particularly those made of fabric. De martindale test is bedoeld om de slijt weerstand van een stof te meten hoe hoger het cijfer hoe sterker de stof. What is the difference between the two types of abrasion testing for the interiors fabric industry?

Read about the “ Martindale ” and the “Wyzenbeek” abrasion tests. Deze test , uitgedrukt in toeren geeft de slijtvastheid weer. De minimumwaarde voor normaal gebruik (slijtvastheid) ligt op 12.

De meeste stoffen die in bij Atelier Roeck worden verwerkt, kennen een slijtvastheid die ligt tussen de 6. Informatie over de Martindale test op huisenthuis.