Jst ph connector

The dimple at the center of the contact ensures positive contact and low contact resistance at all times. The contact has a long wire strip holding length of 2. Applicable PC board thickness: 0. Refer to General Instruction and Notice when using. Terminals and Connectors at the end of this catalog.

Standards ––––––––––––––––––––––. PH Connector 2mm Losse Contacten Female. PH serie Raster 2mm 1A, 22. JST connectors are electrical connectors manufactured to the design standards originally developed by J. Japan Solderless Terminal). JST manufactures numerous series (families) and pitches (pin-to-pin distance) of connectors.

JST Connector manufacturers. Buy PHR– JST (JAPAN SOLDERLESS TERMINALS) – Connector Housing, PH Series, Receptacle, Ways, mm, BPH and SPH Series Crimp Contacts at Farnell element14.

JST ( JAPAN SOLDERLESS TERMINALS) products. Material Flammability Rating:ULV-0. V Logic Trinket and 5V Logic Trinket!

These mate perfectly with all our 1-cell LiPoly and . Supplier part number: PHR-through PHR-16 . Description: Model is approximation, not all measurements accurate. Anyone know where I can find a library for JST PH connectors ? Eagle gives me an error about it. Een eenvoudige 2-pin connector op een breadboard vriendelijke breakout.

Deze is compatibel met de JST PH 2-pin connector. Turnigy batteries deliver the full capacity and performance at a price everyone can afford. You will not find a better deal in lipoly batteries anywhere. Cell Constant Discharge: 1C Cell Weight: 20. The 2-pin, 2mm pitch JST connector is often seen on Lithium Polymer (LiPoly) batteries.

Use this when you need the board (male) connector , or need to mate to the female connector. The pins are spaced by 2mm.

We really like the solid locking feeling and high current rating on these small connectors.