Heat meter

A heat meter or flux calorimeter is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a source or delivered to a sink, by measuring the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature (ΔT) between the outflow and return legs of the system. It is typically used in industrial plants for measuring boiler . Get more information here. A heat meter also called an energy meter is used in a district heating installation, which in countries such as Denmark can be found in more than of all households.

The Sycous team have attempted to demystify how a heat meter and its individual components work – covering.

A temperature sensor pair with clamping sleeves for a variety of temperature pocket lengths. An ultrasonic heat meter for high flow rates. Large Volume Flow Meters. For combined heat meters with high flow rates.

A multi-jet volume flow meter for . Energy meters and heat meter specialists – call now for free advice on our range of energy meters and accessories. Next day delivery on orders before 4pm! They are available as wall-mounting versions in different sizes.

The meters excel in great measuring accuracy, a high-tech volume measuring section made of plastic, and wear . Precise and reliable, high-quality heatmeters with multiple data archives, characterized by modern design. INVONIC H – ultrasonic heat and cooling . ZENNER heat meters and cooling meters are measuring devices for a precise consumption metering. From the start, we have developed innovative products based on state-oft heart technology in dialogue with our customers. The heat meters function with magnet-free impeller scanning, according to the ultrasonic measuring principle. All heat meters are approved and tested for compliance with.

Every building and apartment connected to the district heating system consumes heat energy in order to maintain an optimal temperature in the premises. A device that controls the amount of heat energy consumed is called a heat meter. Heat meters can also control the . The Evinox ultrasonic heat meter range has been designed for use in both heating and cooling residential metering applications. Installation and Operation.

The sum of the parts is a heat meter. The Multical 4is a heat meter that utilises an ultrasonic flow meter and PT5temperature probes. This unit is ideal for the measurement of energy consumption in family and multiple occupancy housing, housing associations, blocks of flats and small in. Chilled and Hot water glycol content, DNto DN1large UK stocks.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products including ultrasonic clamp-on, inline and traditional mechanical meter solutions.

These products are ideal for energy management and automatic billing applications in district or shared heating or cooling . Heat Meters – Please view our ultrasonic heat meters , below.