Hardox 450 datasheet

General Product Description. Typical applications are components and structures subject to wear. The most popular abrasion-resistant steel with excellent structural properties.

The UK English version of this document shall prevail in case of discreapancy. ABRASION RESISTANT PLATE. Общее описание продукции.

Самая популярная сталь с высокой стойкостью к абразивному истиранию и превосходными конструкционными свойствами. HARDOX 4possesses very good weldability. It is good economy to use as little steel as possible without sacrificing strength and performance. TABLE Typical tensile strength values to calculate bend force.

P = Bend force, tons (metric) t = Plate thickness, mm. W = Die width, mm (figure 1) b = Bend length, mm. Rm = Tensile strength, MPa (table 1). Rd = Die entry radius, mm. What hardness is right for you?

Probably a combination of grades, fighting different wear conditions. More detailed information on dimensions is provided in the dimension . GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Sold only through certified partners. The bendable, weldable and highly abrasion-resistant steel. Thanks to its unique qualities, it can even perform as a load-bearing part in many applications, opening new possibilities for structural design innovation.

No hardness value stated on data sheet , comparison based upon tensile properties. These materials may be considered to . Hardox 5is a bendable and weldable. Type, B, B, B, B. HBW Stahl, der Zähigkeit, gute Biegbarkeit und Schweißbarkeit kombiniert. Raex is a high-strength, wear-resistant steel with favorable hardness and impact toughness. HBW:n teräs, jossa yhdistyvät sitkeys, hyvä taivutettavuus ja hitsattavuus.

Download the complete datasheet. Resources and additional information about our Buckets, Hydraulic Quick Couplers, HardOx 4and 5steel, Thumbs, Tilting Grading Buckets and Grading Bucket Replacement parts. SA5GRADE 5 SA5GRADE 6 SA5GRADE 6 SA5GRADE 7 SA5GRADE 70N Technical data sheet. L, 4V, 4V and 5V.

Information about the special quality for pavement moulds. Our delivery program shows. DILLIDUR 2SFX) can be found in the corresponding data sheet. Comparison of relative wear life. Quantity of rolls: Wear plates: Crushing segment: 2.