Met deze buis kan een compacte Watt (klasse B) balans eindtrap worden gebouwd inclusief fase draaier. The pentodes operate in Class AB push-pull with a common screen grid. Thanks to Michael for sending in the photograph.

Michael says that this valve was used in his Normande . Find great deals on eBay for ecll8and ell80. Price is for a Single Tube.

I know that an ELLis in fact a couple of ELin one box. The valve is used in many German valve radios such as the Grundig Stereomeister 300a. Alle buisjes zijn dus nieuw en zitten in hun oorspronkelijke doosjes. Made in Germany by Lorenz.

Pair of slighted used tubes. Still have very nice reading, as NOS. Tubes were tested on Hickok.

The screen grids are tied together inside the tube so you are limited to building a push-pull pentode amplifier of 6-W.

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The unit plugs into power supply point and any input socket or amplifier.

Controls are Speed (frequency of interrup- tions). Depth (for heavy or light effect). Three sockets are for two Inputs and . Stückzahlen erhältlich und bieten einen preisgünstigen Ersatz.

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