Cable row

For this exercise you will need access to a low pulley row machine with a V-bar. Note: The V-bar will enable you to have a neutral grip where the palms of your hands face each other. To get into the starting position, first sit down on the machine and place your feet on the front platform or crossbar provided making sure that . Gezien de betrekkelijk makkelijke uitvoer wordt ze vaak als een ideale beginnersoefening gezien. FULL WEEK PUSH,PULL,LEGS PROGRAM!

De cable seated low row is een oefening waarmee je als beginner de spieren in je rug kunt trainen.

Cables allow for a more precise constant tension as opposed to plate-loaded equipment which is beneficial when wanting to train in a time-under-tension fashion. De seated cable row traint de gehele rug, en vaak gedaan om de lattisimus dorsi te targeten, die hier ook de prime mover is. There are a number of different variations of cable rows which allow for you to target your back in multiple ways, from the seated cable row , . Learn how to do seated cable row using correct technique for maximum ! Sit slightly forward on seat or bench in order to grasp cable attachment.

Place feet on vertical platform. Slide hips back positioning knees with slight bend. Pull cable attachment to waist while straightening lower back.

Pull shoulders back and push chest forward while arching back. A major compound exercise, the seated cable row is one of the most effective exercises for building your back and developing upper-body strength. Gedetailleerde instructie over de Seated Cable Rows. Leer vanuit anatomische benadering de juiste techniek, om de Seated Cable Rows perfect uit te voeren! The cable row is famous among bodybuilders because Arnold Schwarzenegger was filmed doing this exercise in the documentary, Pumping Iron.

Interesting enough, Arnold used a controversial variation on the form (the leaning forward stretching version) that left a lot of people wondering what is the right way to do it. Find related exercises and variations along with expert tips. The low cable row is one of the best exercises for building muscle and strength while training around chronically cranky shoulders. Due to the slightly declined angle of pull and the use of a close grip and neutral hand position at the bar, the shoulder joint is more naturally placed in a centrated position, . The seated cable row and the bent-over barbell row are staple exercises in any workout routine.

They are both compound exercises that focus mainly on your. Bekijk hier de uitvoering van de Cable Row. Attach a straight or lat-pulldown bar to the pulley of a seated row station. Sit on the bench or floor with your feet against the foot plate and knees slightly bent.

Keeping your lower back flat, bend forward at the hips to grasp the bar and row it to your sternum, squeezing your shoulder blades together in the end . Benefits: The cable row is a great movement for shoulder girdle health and for creating balance in horizontal pulling and pushing (especially for the frequent bench-presser).