Atomic amplifire

AmpliFire is an exceptional amp tone and multi-effects pedal. A powerful and portable device, it is small enough to fit in the front pocket of a gig bag yet potent enough to please even the most discriminating tube amp purists and effects aficionados. With its world-class, patented amp modeling technology and the ability to . The Amplifire promises great soun plentiful options, ease of use — and the ability to load your own cabinet impulse responses. Get the Atomic AmpliFIRE Amp Tone Multi-effects Pedal from Andertons on interest free credit free next day delivery in the UK! The Atomic AmpliFIRE is a compact, massively powerful amp modeler and multi- effect pedal based on the world-class, patented Studio Devil modeling technology.

Crank your sound through a wealth of amp and cabinet models that satisfy most any tube amp purist, then color your sound with a huge range of effects . Atomic Amps Studio Devil teamed to bring you the ultimate amp sim pedal for your pedalboard with multi-effects galore. Основным преимуществом процессора является качественная эмуляция гитарных усилителей и кабинетов, а также малый размер по сравнению с многими конкуренатми на рынке гитарных . Atomic Amps makes reference monitors designed for, among other things, reproducing the complex sounds of amp modelers in a live setting. Atomic Amplifire Pedal – это гитарный процессор топового уровня как заверяют нас разработчики Atomic Amplifiers.