Aoyue 968a+

Dit station is een combinatie van een hetelucht-station en een soldeerstation met vacuumpomp voor rookafzuiging. Ten opzichte van het Aoyue 9station biedt dit station 70W soldeerbout vermogen in plaats van 35W, en is een display aanwezig om de actuele . The NEW 968A only available from SRA Soldering Products has the following new features: watt soldering iron with smoke absorber. The Quality and features available on this unit are the best in the industry.

Find great deals on eBay for AOYUE 9in Professional Soldering Irons and Stations. The Aoyue 9combines three tools: an adjustable soldering iron, a digitally controlled hot air tool, and a fume extractor.

We usually prefer separate units because the parts can be individually upgraded or replace but this combined tool is much cheaper and saves valuable bench space in the lab. Digital Hot Air Gun Temperature Setting – With touch type control, for setting accurate temperatures between 100°C – 4° C. Also displays Actual Temperature. Knob Type Soldering iron Temperature Control – For . The antistatic design of the AOYUE Int 9prevents PCBs and electronic components from being damaged due to static charging.

The control panel as well as the whole rework station are easy to manage and therefore ensure an easy handling. The built-in smoke absorber extracts the fume directly from where it is . This station is a combination of a hot air station and a soldering station with a diaphragm pump for fume extraction. Buy low price, high quality aoyue 9smd digital hot air rework station with worldwide shipping on AliExpress.

Термовоздушная монтажно-демонтажная паяльная станция с микропроцессорным управлением AOYUE 9одна из наиболее популярных моделей благодаря простоте, надежности и универсальности. Антистатическое исполнение позволяет избежать повреждений электронных компонентов вследствие . Aoyue is a well known brand that is sold worldwide. ESD Safe Unit that meets CE and RoHS.

Key Features watt soldering iron . Our trusty Aoyue 9was the first real electronics tool we bought. Ian looked at it inside and out in a Hack a Day article. The adjustable temperature iron is a huge step up from the cheap . Новинка также имеет фен и паяльник с дымоулавливателем, и является идеальной комбинацией самых . Многофункциональная термовоздушная паяльная станция AOYUE 9совмещает функции термофена, паяльника и дымоуловителя. Система дымоотвода устраняет задымленность, которая мешает при пайке мелких элементов или при пайке под микроскопом. Керамические нагреватели позволяют . This 4-in-station has a watt soldering iron using standard tips and uses a built-in smoke extractor that absorbs the fumes created at the source when soldering.

Digital Display Digital Calibration Feature Microprocessor controlled element . Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 9with Soldering Iron and Smoke Absorber ( 1V).