Hulda Clark voor gebruik met de Diamond Shield. Our Zappicator is the best constructe self-contained unit on the market. High power magnets and custom coils with a built in zapper! De zappicator is in staat om bacteriën, virussen zappicator. Maar dat niet alleen: het maakt alles wat erop gezet wordt.

Wat is dat voor een ding, waar dient het voor en hoe kom je er aan? In de cursus maakten we niet één apparaat, maar twee. Dit toestel, dat werkt op een volt . Het eerste was de zapper. We have found a way to get a stronger, smoother effect from the zapper output and the magnetic field in these zappicators.

The result is more powerful and reliable zappication for foo teeth pets and the body than ever . Dr Clark has invented the Food Zappicator with the purpose of removing small pathogens such as parasite eggs, bacteria, traces of solvents and metals from food. In other words, with the Food Zappicator you sterilize your food. Not only is the food sterilized but you also give a north polarization to food and water. Clark states: This is not only meant for zapping food but also drinking water, cosmetics, nutrition supplements, toys, clothes, etc… Vitamins and organic bound minerals remain unchanged.

Metals and solvents (except Benzene) are not destroyed. The Zappicator AG-has a number of improvements concerning the . Super Zappicator Box for food and body zapping. Free ground shipping on orders over $150.

It has twice the power of our food zappicator , and can do a few things not possible with a zapper alone. We developed this at the request of naturopaths from Alberta, . This allows the zapper frequency to pass through a magnetic field . Dit wordt gerealiseerd door bacteriën, virussen en parasieteneitjes te doden in het eten of drinken. Video instructions: How to build a Food Zappicator. Review the Zappicator by Dr. A tooth zappicator is a small loudspeaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush.

The speaker is attached to your food zappicator circuit, which produces a frequency of 1kHz. The tooth zappicator is then placed over the hidden cavitation site for three minutes. All nearby areas are also treated for three minutes each.