Video balum

Video baluns is een omvormer van COAX kabel naar UTP kabel. U kunt het videosignaal laten lopen via een UTP-netwerkkabel (bv. grijze aderig). Aan beide kanten plaatst u deze UTP balun om vervolgens verder te gaan . Voordelig en met jaar garantie via CCTVwinkel.

In onze webwinkel verkopen we een video balun met poort, het gaat hierbij om de CW-BAL.

Deze video balun kan zowel videosignaal als stroom via de aangesloten UTP kabel verzenden. Het is mogelijk om deze videobalun rechtstreeks op de recorder en de bewakingscamera aan te sluiten. In this CCTV Camera Pros demonstrates how to connect the. Using a Video Balun saves.

A video balun is an one of important accessories that converts between a balanced signal and an unbalanced signal. The reason why use video baluns ? CCTV video baluns , also known as UTP baluns, allow the security camera installer to minimize cost of wiring for surveillance camera installations by using network cabling such as category or CAT5e cable instead of Siamese Coax Cable.

With UTP video baluns any type of twisted pair wire or 2-wire structured cabling . It is also called a Video Power Balun by CCTV professionals. Make note this is not an active balun, as the power is being . Baluns are commonly known as UTP Balun or Video Balun Adapters. These simple little balun devices have allowed the CCTV industry to move away from the use of traditional coaxial cable on to more modern wiring such as CATor CATcabling. Network wiring is more cost effective and becoming more prominent as . Find great deals on eBay for Video Power Balun in Surveillance Cables, Adapters and Connectors.

Same Day UPS Shipping, 1 Price Match Guarantee, FREE Lifetime Tech Support. Low cost video balun solutions for CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras. Normally, coaxial cable is used to carry video between the camera and the monitor. Substituting networking cable (Cator Cat6) will allow for longer runs at a lower cost. Such video can be carried over long distances, as much as 0ft.

Each Catcable contains wires. Because video is sent in . Usedinpairs, theCCTVBaluneliminatescostlyand bulky coaxial cable.

Passive Video Balun (channel). The video Balun is designed to transmit CCTV video signals via a single cable to a terminal strip and is used for transmitting audio, power signals, etc. Shop for CCTV Video Balun at 2. Use inexpensive Category or Category UTP cable to transmit CCTV video!

Om videosignalen over zeer lange afstand te transporteren over UTP bekabeling maar met behoud van de allerbeste kwaliteit, gebruikt u de actieve video balun. U heeft per verbinding een transmitter en een receiver nodig. Eventueel kunt u in plaats van de transmitter een gewone passieve balun gebruiken, maar dan . BW video and audio over unshielded twisted pair wires.