Vacuum tube

In electronics, a vacuum tube , an electron tube , or just a tube (North America), or valve is a device that controls electric current between electrodes in an evacuated container. This type is called a thermionic tube or . The cathode is heate as in a light bulb, so it will emit electrons. This is called thermionic emission.

The anode is the part that accepts the emitted electrons.

The vacuum tube is a glass tube that has its gas remove creating a vacuum. Tubes for industry, music, ham radio, the audiophile. There are many kinds of vacuum tubes for different jobs.

Vacuum Tubes and Radio Tubes Our specialty. Most types of vacuum tubes have been replaced by semiconductor devices, however vacuum tubes will. A vacuum tube (also called an electron tube or, in the UK, a valve) is a device sometimes used to amplify electronic signals. In most applications, the vacuum tube is obsolete, having been replaced decades ago by the transistor.

In electronics, vacuum tube , electron tube , tube, or valve is a device that controls electric.

I edited and annotated the original minute film Electronics at Work down to 3. Generally, vacuum refers to a space where charged particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons and all other matter are absent. In other words, vacuum is nothing but the empty space. It is also called as electron tube. An electronic device that controls the flow of electrons in a vacuum. Although tubes made a comeback in high-end stereo components, they have long . What are vacuum tubes , how do they work, and who still uses them?

Modern electronics turn on as soon as you hit the power button. Now only found in high-end amplifiers . Define vacuum tube : an electron tube evacuated to a high degree of vacuum. An electrical device containing a heated filament inside an evacuated container (generally a glass tube) and used to produce rectification (a diode vacuum tube ), amplification or other functions.

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A vacuum tube is just that: a glass tube surrounding a vacuum (an area from which all gases have been removed). While fiddling with lightbulbs he saw that .

Electron tube , also called vacuum tube , device usually consisting of a sealed glass or metal-ceramic enclosure that is used in electronic circuitry to control a flow of electrons. Among the common applications of vacuum tubes are amplification of a weak current, rectification of an alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), . These initial tubes could only be used for rectification. Later, obviously, vacuum tubes would be replaced by probably the greatest invention of all time — the solid-state transistor — which would allow for the creation of smaller, faster, cheaper, and more reliable computers.

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A glass tube whose contents are kept at a near vacuum.