It features common-cathode flyback diodes for switching inductive loads. It can come in PDIP, SOIC, SOP or TSSOP packaging. A-Rated Collector Current (Single Output). HIGH VOLTAGE, HIGH CURRENT. DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAYS.

Пара Дарлингтона — каскад из двух биполярных транзисторов. Each pair is rated at 500mA. Чип позволяет с помощью слабого тока микроконтроллера, такого как Arduino, управлять мощными нагрузками . High Voltage, High Current. Может быть применена для управления нагрузкой значительной мощности, включая электромагнитные реле, двигатели постоянного тока, . Массив содержит пар Дарлингтона с открытыми коллектором и общими эмиттерами.

Номинальный ток каждого канала 500мА и может выдерживать пиковые токи до . Suppression diodes are included for inductive load driving and the . Darlington Transistor Arrays. Check stock and pricing, view product specifications, and order online. These versatile devices are useful for driving a wide range of loads including solenoids, relays DC mo- tors, LED displays filament lamps, thermal print- heads and high power buffers. Direkt uit voorraad leverbaar. Dit product is niet uit voorraad . The drivers can be paralleled for even higher current output . In this tutorial, it is shown how to control the 28BYJ-with . This IC has a very wide range of applications.

They are commonly used as relay drivers in order to drive different kinds of loads. Array contains seven open collector and darlington pairs with common emitters. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Mini Stepper Driver is small size and easy to use.

The Drive voltage can up to 15v. The most easy module to learn how to control the Stepper and finish the simple . Contribute to Fritzing-Custom-Parts development by creating an account on GitHub. The collector-current rating of a single. I am desparately trying to drive a SSR with my raspberry pi to control a 380V circuit.

Hi, I have a simple project that drives one 5mm common cathode RGB LED. It looks that they are mostly used to drive 7 . You are misinterpreting the datasheet. It is guaranteed to be able to sink 300mA when 3. V (while still above ground) it is not guaranteed to sink 300mA. It might do something with a couple volts in, but not likely with 1. V and no guarantees below .