Tellus 32 datasheet

Industrial Hydraulic Fluid for wide temperature range. Long life and improved efficiency. High performance hydraulic oils for wide temperature ranges.

Take used oil to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water. Typical Physical Characteristics. Skin Contact: Lubricating oils are generally considered no more than minimally irritating to the skin.

Prolonged and repeated contact may result in defatting and drying of the skin that may cause various skin disorders such as dermatitis, folliculitis or oil acne. Release of the material during high-pressure. Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained from your Shell representative. Prepared according to the regulation on Safety Data Sheets regarding. Initial release date: 17.

Универсальное применение. Индустриальная гидравлическая жидкость для применения в широком диапазоне температур. Ashless zinc free hydraulic oils for severe duty and extended temperature ranges. Maintain System Efficiency. High Performance Hydraulic Flui Group II Base Oil Technology, Versatile Applications.

Daphne Super Hydro ST 32. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product Description: Base Oil and Additives. Intended Use: Hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic fluid for extremely low temperatures. Tellus Arctic – page 1:1. Please use the link below. Documents: MSDS Tech Data Sheet. SHELL TELLUS SM 2 ,468. Density at °C, 8°C. Hazardous, NON HAZARDOUS.

Standard Pack Quantity, 1. Очень низкие температуры. Order Quantity Multiple, 1. Гидравлическая жидкость специального назначения.