Tektronix scope

Browse through a wide selection of digital oscilloscopes. Even with four dual- beam scopes in the lineup, the 5was made popular largely because of the innovative ALT mode, which allowed for dual traces . The hand-held oscilloscope has one other important advantage. By way of backgroun the bench-type oscilloscope, connected to the premises ac wiring, is solidly grounded. However, if because of wrongly terminated or .

Tektronix is offering up to eight 2GHz analogue channels and a 15. To view the , double click on each scope block in the model to view the . Overview This document describes how to set up and demonstrate an Ethernet- based instrument with a simple Ethernet cross-over cable. This is done using an RJ-cable, which lets you plug the two network ports together directly without needing a network hub. As the Easter egg site explains,. Push the “ADV FUNKT” button once.

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If you want to add to Tek or . THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING AN OSCILLOSCOPE CONTENTS. For a fuller understanding of scopes see the Tektronix. The proper use of laboratory instrumentation is the base line for measuring the characteristics of electronic circuits, as well as for trouble shooting.

Among the most versatile instruments is the oscilloscope. Primarily, an oscilloscope is used to measure pulse shapes vs. Four of these go on the rear of each scope in this series, and they also help secure the internal scope to the outer cover via the back ring.

The Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope is said to offer a series . Information in this publication supersedes that in all previously published material. Specifications and price change privileges reserved. Scope , iView, OpenChoice, . Drake just arrange transportation costs I can send you a 4tektronix scope.

It has no y movement because the tunnel diodes are shorted. I am on Palomar Mountain which is near to . A testament to the ruggedness and workmanship of these scopes. It is almost completely solid-state and weighs less than kg, definitely a featherweight compared to the other Tek scopes of the era.

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