Solder tip cleaner

The Hakko 599B-is a replacement solder tip cleaning wire sponge. These sponges are hard enough to remove debris and some corrosion from the solder tips while being soft enough not to damage the tip. They help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean , precise soldering.

This video will show you how to clean your soldering tip and maintain it for many years of use. But with regular cleaning and a coating of rosin from the CSI -08C Tip Cleaner your tips will work better and last longer.

This comes with an assembled dimension of 2. Solder Tip Cleaner with Rosin Flux. It helps remove oxidation and convenient to maintain. Tip tinner is a good thing to have in your arsenal of soldering supplies.

Composed of a mild aci it helps remove baked on residue (for when you melt your desk top) and helps prevent oxidation (the nasty black stuff) that accumulates on your soldering tip when not in use. Comes in a sealed gram disk. Preferred by many soldering pros for cleaning off the tips of their soldering irons, it never needs wetting, wont cool down the tip, and its slightly abrasive to remove.

Place the soldering iron on the iron holderAfter finishing one soldering step, first place the soldering iron on the iron holder without cleaning the tip. Perform next soldering step. Clean the tip just before soldering. If the order of Step and is reverse the oxidation of tips will. This is a must have for anyone who does a good amount of soldering.

The brass shavings does a great job of cleaning the tip of any soldering iron. Much better than a foam pad. It has a stand for the iron as well. Solid) tip tinners are almost always ammonium phosphate with some tin (or tin- lead) bits mixed in.

As a result they are subject to the same sort of oxidisation that can affect the solder. They also suffer from being repeatedly heated and cooled. Although the tip is robust it does require a small amount of maintenance.

Before starting to solder examine the tip. It should be clean and shiny. This cleaner means less mess, a constant temperature in your soldering iron.

Make your own solder tip cleaning pad quickly and cheap.

From most electronic supply stores you can buy a copper pad used to clean off excess solder from your. When soldering , it is vital that you keep the iron tip clean. A clean iron tip will help make your solder connections stronger and clean of debris. This tip cleaner eliminates the temperature variation associated with the wet sponge approach and does a better job. The curly brass insert does not need to be kept wet and cleans without damaging the tip.

Uniform iron temperature ensures consistent joint quality and reduces cycle times.