Solder remover

This video shows the various techniques for removing solder from a printed circuit boar including the use of an. How- to- Remove – Solder. Locate the terminals for the component to be removed.

A desoldering pump, also called a solder sucker , vacuums up melted solder to separate soldered components from a circuit board. Thoroughly examine both sides of the board to isolate the specific spots holding each component in place.

The desoldering pump works . Shop with confidence on eBay! Buy the latest solder remover GearBest. Well, this professional grade solder sucker is Extra . In electronics, desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage. Excess solder filling a hole happens quite often.

Usually, the clog is residual solder that occurs when an existing electronic component is desoldered and removed. This 3mm wick with a touch of flux works wonderful.

PCB hole accidentally clogged during soldering. If you are new to soldering consider buying soldering paste to help your experience. Will definitely buy again. Silver Blue Tool Removal Solder Remover Pump Metal Desoldering Sucker-sale of low-price goods, in the catalogue of the goods from China. Free shipping and great selection.

Vacuum solder remover pump. Are you a soldering rookie or just have fat fingers? It allows you to pull the molten solder out of a connection or via with ease.

To use it you simply depress the plunger, heat up your solder , place the nozzle over the solder you want to remove and finally just push the button. Introduction It is made by the pure copper as well as the special chemical formula to ensure efficiency and quality, which can also be used to absorb the exce. This Toledo Desoldering Pump is also known as a Solder Sucker and is used to for the safe and easy removal of molten solder during soldering work. Very easy to use, you clean up this undesirable solder with the push of a button on the unit.

See more product details . Prices for solder sucker. Major Tech Solder Sucker R64. Megabrand Solder Sucker Desoldering R425.

Uxcell Desoldering Pump Sucker R380. Desoldering helps you undo all of those terrible soul-crushing soldering mistakes. Removing these boards is necessary in order to build most of the bots.

Fortunately, this is an . Lead solder will not stick to steel, so pretty much any thin steel can be used. Pushing the tool all the way through the hole may require heating the pad several times. As a rule of thumb, heat the solder just enough for it to melt, then remove the soldering tip from the pad. Excessive heat will damage electronic components.

Philmore PT1Edsyn Soldapullt III Solder Remover – Solderpullit Desoldering Pump – Removes solder from soldered junctions Just heat solder, release inner prod and solder enters the tube. Be the first to review this product.