Smd inductor

Surface mount power inductors for applications ranging from power supply to power converters. A full power inductor selection that can be used to design a power supply inductor , high power inductors , SMD (surface mount) power inductors or a high current inductor. Most of the parts are lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant.

Bourns magnetic products include power inductors , surface-mount chip inductors , power chokes, chip beads, chip bead arrays, as well as radial-leaded and axial- leaded inductors. These components are used in computer, communication, instrumentation, industrial, and medical applications.

A power inductor , also known as a coil or a reactor, is a two-terminal passive electronic component used to store energy in the form of magnetic field. Sumida offers a wide range of inductors for a variety of different applications. To view product information please select your desired application from the list below or view our . Bourns introduces nine SMD power inductor series consisting of shielded and non-shielded construction for automotive applications. Ferrite drum core construction. Ik vermoed dat het een 300nH high-power SMD inductor is.

Browse our latest wire-wound-surface-mount- inductors offers. All the details on our product families in the Wurth Electronics catalog Passive Components.

With industry -leading research and design tools, Arrow makes finding the right part easy. SFOP Series: Open Magnetic circuit construction. Compact size and thin Put the electrode with ferrite core directly, a small surface area allow a high mounting density. DSFOB Series: Open Magnetic circuit construction.

Low Profile (1mm – 3mm Height.) User terminals are contact-formed on . PART NUMBER INDUCTANCE (uH) Tolerance. Characteristics: ○ Sample kit contains components of the SMD High Current. WE-HC and WE-HCA (13×13). Viking provides anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, . With a magnetic resin shield construction the TYS series of SMD power inductors provide a low profile highly efficient answer to your DC-to-DC power conversion needs. With sizes ranging between (xxmm) and (xxmm) series inductance cover 0. A (Isat) the TYS series have.

SMD package ○ Up to GHz ○ High Q Value -Yantel Corporation. The most common are text codes and. Standex Electronics offers a full line of low frequency power transformers, power inductors and common mode chokes in standard and custom toroidal inductor and surface mount ( SMD ) designs.

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Inductors can be labeled with a number of different ways. Please contact our sales department before ordering. SMD Ceramic Chip Inductor – For High Frequency . They are also used to store energy, filter EMI noise, and provide lower signal loss in system designs.

Power inductors play an important role in voltage conversion applications by yielding lower core losses. Codaca have been dedicated to provide customers with inductor design solution which range in Industrial .