Shell tellus 46 datasheet

Maintain System Efficiency. Material Safety Data Sheet. According to OSHA Hazard Communication Standar CFR. MATERIAL AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION.

High performance hydraulic oils for wide temperature ranges. Take used oil to an authorised collection point.

Do not discharge into drains, soil or water. Typical Physical Characteristics. This Safety Data Sheet meets the requirement according to the Preparation and Dissemination of MSDS for.

SHELL TELLUS SM 23 ,68. Ashless zinc free hydraulic oils for severe duty and extended temperature. Please use the link below. Long life and improved efficiency. Using proven ashless anti-wear technology .

For more demanding and specialized applications, the Shell. Tellus range of fluids provide superior performance for systems where the stress on the fluid is high and ultra-fine filtration and sophisticated control valves are employed. Datasheet shell tellus t. The stannic Brad struggle reliving his manierísticamente walked ref.

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