Sdi audio embedder

Order now to ship tomorrow X . Choose from a wide range of 3G and 6G- SDI models, depending on the conversion . Встраивание двух каналов звука, полученного через балансные. Products – Features: Max. Item was added to your cart Item was removed from your cart. G HD- SDI AES De- Embedder. The Disembedder is always functional providing outputs.

The Embedder is user selectable, on a channel pair basis, to either pass input audio or embed input audio from the breakout cable. Analog audio levels are selectable. The DAC-is an audio de- embedder box with useful function that allows users to de-embed analogue audio signals (at a time) from SDI video signal. Several optional processing steps can be applied to the input audio before it is embedded. Up to selected channels may be de-embedded and directed to AES outputs.

This device also handles . The RB-VHCMDis a 16-channel de- embedder and channel embedder combined into a single 19-inch rack unit. The unit can selectively de-embed any channel within any audio group of an SDI video signal, to any of the digital outputs. After which, the video becomes two independent paths where the audio groups . Feature, I ↔ P Conversion ( Built-In Deinterlacer and Interlacer ) 60fps ↔ 59. Input 3G- SDI , or HD- SDI , or SDI , input analog audio or 4 . Automatic detection of video format. All chosen settings are stored in presets, these presets (8) can be restored via automation to fire up a salvo . The IQMUXprovides channel analog audio embedding for 3Gbps SDI , HD- SDI 1. The high Bitrate processing of 2. The DAC-is an embedded audio box with useful functions that allow users to embed channels of analogue audio into SDI video signal.

Lattice Micosoft core for configuration through I2C interface. Support for I2S interface for linear PCM audio. SDI HDMI Video Bridge with. Audio Embedder and De- embedder.

The Nevion technology for configurable AES ports makes the product configurable to most embedding de-mebedding applications. Its ability to do simultanously embedding and de-. Buy YUAN HDMI TO SDI AUDIO EMBEDDER Signal Converter from the leader in HPC and AV products and solutions.