Sanwa buttons

Deze buttons worden veelal toegepast in commerciële Japanse cabi. We stock a range of Sanwa arcade parts , which are suitable for various arcade machine projects, commercial use and academic projects. We offer worldwide shipping for our Sanwa arcade parts and various shipping options are available at the time of order. This set of white buttons is perfect for a classic Street Fighter set up.

These Sanwa pushbuttons are OEM on most Japanese arcade cabinets. They are also the choice of most fighting game console players. If you are building your own joystick or modding a store bought joystick, then this is the perfect buttons for a classic . This piece set of Sanwa buttons are perfect for building your own joystick or modding a store bought joystick. These buttons will give you the classic Japanese arcade feel. These pushbuttons are OEM on most Japanese arcade cabinets.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Our joysticks and buttons are the top choice for use in Japanese arcade games. We hope that you will use our parts and take advantage of the strong appeal they have for customers who demand the real thing.

Continuing the tradition of the precision response that Sanwa Denshi is known for, they continue to release new products that not only perform, but also minimize some of the things that both some of us, which is sound. All regular Sanwa buttons. Bringing quality arcade joysticks and buttons to Canadians. These are high performance Sanwa OBSC-buttons direct from Japan.

They are the same type used in the top Japanese performance games, our VCI-1Arcade and in the Midi Fighter 64. Fast and amazingly accurate – the Sanwa 24mm is the ideal button for any serious controllerist. Others are screw- buttons , which anchor into a wooden surface. Buttons are sold individually. There are also smaller 24mm buttons , and buttons with clear tops or clear rims that can be paired with fancy LED lighting.

In Amusements – Arcade Parts for MAME. High quality Sanwa buttons and joysticks. Kleiner transparenter Arcade Pushbutton mit leicht konvexer Druckfläche. Hergestellt in Japan, mit kurzen klickfreien Mikroschaltern (SW-68) ausgestattet. The clear blue Sanwa OBSC-button is widely used for start buttons in Japanese arcade cabinets such as Blast City and Versus City, and can also be used to modify home console controllers with quality Sanwa parts.

It is smaller than the Sanwa OBSC-button, with an overall diameter of 28mm. Just Made in China parts. This arcade button is ideal for arcade machine,Arcade mach. Features The Sanwa Special is back! Chose which colour ball-top JLF-TP-8Y joystick.

Specify button colour selections in your order comments. This kit consists of a joystick and brand Arcade SANWA buttons will bring you satisfaction. Find great deals on eBay for sanwa buttons and seimitsu buttons.