S8050 transistor

NPN EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR. LOW VOLTAGE HIGH CURRENT. The absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only. Values are at TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted. Parameters and Characteristics.


Collector-Emitter Voltage. Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. Wing Shing Computer Components Wing Shing Computer Com. MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25℃ unless otherwise noted).

The circuit driving the base can help with this in two ways. It can avoid driving the transistor into saturation, . It is most likely that you have been supplied the correct parts but without seeing a schematic it is impossible to say. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck.

Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor.

High total power dissipation. Any order placed between those dates will be shipped after November 6th. Search this site: Products. There are no questions for this product. WorldWide Availability: 40 . Al onze producten zijn nieuw en met garantie!

Please login or register to review. Neem dan gerust contact met ons op! Artikel Beschrijving: Deze NPN transistor wordt veelal gebruikt in acculaders van schroefboormachines. JIANGSU CHANGJIANG ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.

SOT-Plastic-Encapsulate Transistors. The best transistors to keep in your parts kit. V – 700mA – 100Mhz You may be find on: UTC Unisonic Technologies co ltd. I think that C3or D3is a lot of production or assembled line. Bye I4-YFC – Fabrizio Piacenza – Italy.

Hello, When transistor is used as a switch what parameters I should look to find suitable replacement? Come with TO-package, the collector current of these silicon transistors is 0. A, collector-base voltage is 40V and power dissipation is 0.

BJT Transistor (PNP 30V 3A) (B772).