Rotor power meter

Your athletic performance depends on every tiny alteration done with the intent to improve. Know your strengths and be merely prou but know your weaknesses and become faster, stronger, and more competitive than ever. A power meter that can collect accurate data can tell you when it´s time to turn up the pace, ease off . Rotor Bike Components make components and accessories for bicycles, as oval chain rings QRings, Power Meters INpower and 2INpower.


RotoR Flow INpower MAS – enkelzijdige vermogensmeter compact (110BCD). Vermogensmeter fiets van. Team Dimension Data for Quebeka (Cavendish) gebruikt deze vermogensmeter.

Dé vermogensmeter van dit moment! Goede kwaliteit veilig opgeborgen in de as. Zuivere meting en ongekend goede foutcorrectie. Beide cranks zijn daarbij voorzien van een vermogenssensor.

There are two versions of Rotor power meter.

They offer the Rotor INpower and the Rotor 2INpower power meter. The Rotor INpower is an one-sided power measuring system and measure the transmitted power only on one side. The rotor 2INpower is different, this Rotor power meter is a both-sided . Rotor launched the left-sided Power LT to create a more affordable entry point below its dual-sided Power , though oddly it was only ever.

Free worldwide delivery available. Daarnaast kun je de optimale krachtoverbrenging bepalen, de ideale stand van de Rotor kettingbladen afstellen maar ook bijvoorbeeld je fietsafstelling optimaliseren. Het vermogen word 200x per seconde gemeten waardoor het met deze powermeter mogelijk wordt gemaakt om met ovalen Rotor kettingbladen te rijden, . Deze Rotor Inpower onderscheidt zich door vanuit zijn 30mm as te meten. Doordat er vanuit de as wordt gemeten heb je een accurater signaal met minder storingen en is hij beter beschermd tegen valpartijen en water.

Je data wordt 200x per seconde gemeten zodat je . ROTOR announces new INpower power meters , starting at $779US. Stepping that up: Having . New 2INpower power meter adds Bluetooth support and a rechargeable internal battery as well as double sided power measurement and analytics. Both cranks use the Trinity Drilling Process to create three holes drilled end to en length-wise, through a solid piece of aluminum. This allows for an extremely low weight as well as an optimized weight to rigidity ratio.

Not a week passes without a new power meter being launche it seems.

Revolutionize your training –with the 2INPower crankset by Rotor. This two-sided power meter with integrated power measurement in the axle and the right crankarm will improve your training in quality and experience.