Rittal filter

Innovative enclosure and housing technology. Reliable power distribution and back-up. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly climate control solutions. From server racks to complete data centers. Super-fast clip-on mounting.

This guarantees fast, completely secure attachment of the Fan-and- Filter Units.

The prerequisites for protection category IP are met as standard. Removal of the louvered grille, likewise without any screws, means that filter mat changes can be achieved in next to no . The fan module and power connection are simple to position to suit the needs of the application, a latch on the grille allows for fast filter replacement and the . Installation without tools. Snap-in mounting for easy installation.

Simple reversal of the air flow direction by turning the fan module. Flexible positioning of the power connection. Spring clamp terminals for electrical connection without tools. Louvered grille latch for fast filter mat .

Observe sequence of assembly – and mounting position! Airflow direction can be changed by reversing the fitting of fan. Fully compatible with the cutouts and holes of the “old” units. Quick-assembly system for fan-and- filter units and outlet filter.

If air or steam condenses on the metal surface, any particles present will adhere to the metal and can be easily washed out with water or grease-dissolving solvents. For use with enclosure air conditioners, Nos. Image may be a representation. See specs for product details.

Required mounting cut-out: h1x w124mm. TopTherm fine filter mat, 224x224mm View larger image. Available in a variety of sizes and voltages, filter fans include dense polyester filters, aerodynamically designed polymer . It includes drilling template, filter mat and assembly hardware for convenience. The filter fan housing has metallic layer coating to offer enhanced . With hose-proof hood: IP 56.

Supply includes: Complete unit ready to install, including filter mat. SK fan -and- filter unit. Register or with your Rexel Account for . Reserve filter stuks – makkelijk vanuit huis online bestellen – bij Conrad.

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RoHS Certificate of Compliance. S Filter Fans and Pagoda Roof Fans. Rittal filter fans provide an off-the-shelf, easy to install, economical, and effective method for providing enclosure cooling when the allowable enclosure internal temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.

Rittal Filter Fan Units are ideal for cost effectively dissipating high heat loads. Fans and filters are easy to assemble with clip-on mounting and the terminal blocks are easy to wire. Rittal has developed a complete range of cooling units, recooling systems, heat exchangers, fan and filter units, and enclosure heaters to protect your equipment against adverse physical and thermal influences. And only Rittal has RiNano-coated condensers in all cooling units to .