Rfc 2544 test

By testing service integrity, a service provider can certify that the working parameters of a delivered Ethernet circuit comply with expectations. To clarify this point, I will only use the latency test as an example. Vendors can use these tests to measure and outline the performance characteristics of their equipment. As these tests follow standard procedures, they also make it easier for customers to make sense of the . Test company: Xena Networks ApS.

Service providers worldwide are actively turning up new services based on carrier Ethernet technology in a fierce competition to attract premium subscribers.

Interface Parameter: AutoNeg. Существует перевод на русский язык. Сейчас эта рекомендация практически стандарт де-факто, благодаря широкому распространению и свободному доступу. Рекомендация “описывает и определяет набор тестов . Global Services Customer Support. Transparency – CDP, SDP, etc.

No control-plane or user experience validation. Testing with Lor Ethernet BERT.

No way to validate KPI or auto- negotiation settings. Throughput Threshold: 100. Производители зачастую приукрашивают свою продукцию для ее продвижения на рынке.

В стремлении занять большую часть рынка они иной раз вводят в заблуждение потенциальных пользователей своей продукции. В этом документе содержатся определения и обсуждение множества . This shows the customer they are getting the bandwidth they are paying for. Для того, чтобы проверить способность оборудования Ethernet работать в сети с различными типами предоставляемых сервисов, таких как VoIP, IP TV, FTP и т. Abstract: Nowadays, as the scale of IP network and the number of its users increasing, requirements for higher quality of service and better network security have significantly grown. Network test is an important way to ensure the efficiency and reliability of network. The tests they describe . It provides a standard methodology for a direct comparison of network equipments.

It is mainly used ot measure the performance of an Ethernet network, including the QoS . Operating SysteRouterOS 6. Latency, Frame Loss, and Back-to-back frames. Service Level Agreements), such as metro Ethernet links.