Pt100 simulator

Pt1simulation range: -200. With a simple operation the operator can replace the sensors connected to the unit with the terminal supplied with the SIMULATOR. By the potentiometer or the toggle switches he can easily simulate the temperature values. Installed in a handy and sturdy metal case.

There are five precision decade switches in a sturdy metal housing. The desired temperature value is selected in four steps with a 0.

PT1simulator application. High performance metal film resistors ensure good temperature coefficient and stability. Wanneer de temperatuur toe- of afneemt, neemt ook de weerstandswaarde toe resp. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart.

Abreadboard_female tgroup1ae Bbreadboard_female tgroup1ae Cbreadboard_female . If the ambient temperature rises (or falls), its resistance increases (or reduces), demonstrating a positive temperature coefficient. The rotary sel- ector enables a total of temperature values to be simulated in the range. An industry- leading supplier of land survey and precision measurement technologies.

Functions, Temperature Calibrator.

Selection, Using angular movement switch. Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development. Technical changes reserved. Im schlagfesten Kunststoffgehäuse ist ein Drehschalter für Standardmeßpunkte untergebracht.

Hochwertige Metallfilmwiderstände mit geringem TK simulieren direkt die Temperaturwerte. Springer Controls Company. A test simulator for the units to simulate sensor inputs with a . Wo Temperaturen gemessen werden, müssen Temperaturen auch simuliert werden.

Sein großer Simulationsbereich, der in °C- Schritten aufgelöst wir vereinfacht viele Aufgaben in Chemie-, Mess-, Regel- ,. Good temperature stability. Passive resistance source. Image may be a representation. See specs for product details.

Product currently not available. C Calibration in accordance to D.