Pt100 0 10v

Uitgang 4-20mA of – 10V eventueel met ethernet. De omvormer is voorzien van een robuuste waterdichte behuizing. De TEV-1temperatuurmeetwaarde-omvormer wordt compleet geleverd inclusief een kalibratiecertificaat (o.b.v.

1-punts kalibratie). Features: Through the transmitter, resistance signal of the thermal resistance can convert into 4-20mA current signal. PT1RTD – 10V Temperature Sensor Transmitter Converter Range from 0°C to 100°C.

Be the first to review this item. Ships from and sold by SZZJ-INC. Specifications for this item. Current-carrying capacity of cross-connect. Galvanic isolation, Without isolation.

Supply voltage, V DC ±. None of those do, as shown.

You would have to add another amplifier stage. Start with figure on that page. Add another op amp from the output. Use appropriate components to get the gain you need to scale the range you want to measure to values reading – 10v.

Read the documentation for the op amp . Ik heb een 24VDC gestabiliseerde voeding ter beschikking. De schaal waar deze over moet meten is van tot 120°. Meer resultaten van support. Weidmuller-PT100-Transducers.

As an option the temperature transducer has two potential-free changeover contacts and a bac. DIP switch, Potentiometer. Units are available with a PT1sensing element, which is located in a 10mm diameter cap in the lid for the TT-331-CVO and in a PTFE radiation shield for the TT-332-CVO.

The PTFE radiation shield will minimise the effects of direct sunlight. The units use a 24vDC power supply to provide an active – 10V or 4-20mA output . Hutschienen-Messumformer inkl.

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