Powerpole connectors

Genderless single position power connectors can be stacked to create custom multiple position connectors. Shop for different gauges today! Specific variants of this series of connectors have become de facto standards for conveying higher power direct current (DC) electrical power,.

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Of weet iemand iets soort gelijks ? Ik gebruik nu van die gammele witte plastic connectors, je weet wel die zo lekker vonken. These connectors have quickly become the standard for portable radio operating. Their clever design means that they will only mate one way round while each connector is sexless. The advantages of power pole connectors are self cleaning contacts, when assembled correct cannot be plugged in reverse polarity, can . Supplied as individual terminals they can be clipped together to make larger compound connectors in whatever configuration you like.

Powerpole connectors are Hermaphrodite i. Assemble the red and black plastic housings together correctly on the first try, they fit snugly and can be difficult to get apart.

Note that you can assemble the red and black . The connectors are designed as universal (unisex) system and can be connected any to any. The plastic part have a tongue and groove system which allows solid attachment of each component or to construct larger connectors for . Solder or Crimp to connect. The original product that started it all! Our silver plated connectors have less resistance than an equivalent length of racing wire. With the roll pin remove the connectors slide apart.

Each side of the connector will have either a groove or a tongue. If one side has a groove, the opposite side will always have a tongue, so you should be able to determine the necessary sliding direction by looking at the connector. Please click the photo to view larger.

For years hams have used Molex connectors as a standard to connect their radios and other equipment to power sources. The Molex connector had the drawback of being limited to about amps, and were often used well beyond their ratings. We include the SILVER PLATED copper amp contacts which are Anderson 261GNOT the less efficient tin plated 261Gcontacts found elsewhere so these will provide a much more efficient connection since silver has the lowest electrical resistance of any . RACES and ARES organizations . At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics.

This is to promote inter-operability among all equipment.