Philips iu22

KPI ultrasound has the Philips iUfor sale at wholesale price. Download the Philips iUbrochure PDF. See what ultrasound machines from Philips and other brands are comparable to the Philips iU22.

The iUultrasound system gives you exceptional image quality, ease of use, automatic quantification, and throughput to help you address the challenges you face in your vascular lab. Philips Healthcare Система iUxMATRIX, созданная компанией Philips , обладает уникальными функциональными возможностями. Описание и подробные характеристики УЗ аппарата Philips iU22. An ultrasound system needs to do much more than just capture and store images , and the Philips iUultrasound certainly does. The iUsystem combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically- designed cart – unlike any other ultrasound system available.

IUUltrasound system – The Premium Ultrasound System for General Imaging. Supporting the widest range of clinical application capabilities. Includes C8-4V Transvaginal Transducer.

Browse through the top-of-the-line refurbished Philips iUultrasound machine equipped with advanced xMatrix technology ideal for high-resolution imaging in a diverse range of clinical applications. The Philips IUultrasound system is an exceptional value for general imaging needs but it also has the advanced technologies needed to excel at specific ultrasound applications, including breast, OB-GYN, small parts and vascular. The ultrasound equipment you are viewing is of the highest quality. We carry an inventory of thousands of systems, probes and parts. The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.

Phillips iu- Premier radiology device with volumetric imaging feature The Phillips iuis designed for the. The advantages of using one-button volume imaging are numerous, and include increased information with . This ultrasound machine can easily perform both 2D and 3D volume imaging. Philips – iU22General-purpose color and grayscale ultrasound scanner.

DRS is a macro control that provides instantaneous one button adjustment of temporal vs. The feature is designed to give the user the best combinations of multiple controls when they need to . 3 color and CPA modes. Медицинское оборудование официального поставщика Pride-Line.

Philips iUxMATRIX – ультразвуковая диагностическая система для медицинских учреждений. Гарантия, установка и настройка. GMI offers the Philips iUultrasound system along with full life cycle related parts and services.

The iucombines exciting new technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically-designed cart–unlike any other ultrasound system available.