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Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references. This is a complete list of polychlorinated biphenyl ( PCB ) congeners. Chemical structure of PCBs. The possible positions of chlorine atoms on the benzene rings are denoted by numbers assigned to the carbon atoms.

Explanation of PCB descriptors. PCB – the NIST WebBook webbook. Compound Structure and Properties. Data above sourced from ChemSpider. PCB – , PCB-5 PCB-10 PCB-13 PCB-15 and PCB-180) to characterize contamination by PCBs.

Depending on country and context, different lists of varying numbers of congeners . Molecular Formula: C12H7Cl3. InChI Key: BZTYNSQSZHARAZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N. Substance Registry: FDA UNII.

Es ist eine der sechs Ballschmiter- Kongenere – Leitsubstanzen dieser Stoffgruppe, deren Gehalt bei üblichen PCB- Messungen bestimmt wird um anschließend den Gesamtgehalt an PCB hochzurechnen. PCB analyse mogelijkheden in voeders. Documents of the meeting. Annotated Agenda 38th PCB. Report of the 37th Meeting.

Polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCB ) and dioxins and furans: CB- ,. WHO-TEQ of dioxins, furans. Status of the indicator in the Russian part of the Gulf of Finland. There is significant difference in status of two parts of this complex indicator in the Russian. Federation, therefore these . Maximilian Stroebe, Judith Stocker, Martin Scheringer. Omegam Laboratorium is een kwaliteitslaboratorium dat routinematig chemische, fysische en bacteriologische (milieu)onderzoeken uitvoert in het kader van o. Bouwstoffenbesluit) voor marktpartijen in binnen- en buitenland.

Daarnaast is Omegam Laboratorium gespecialiseerd in bijzondere en minder . View pricing, availability and product specifications.