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Bestel Toevoegen aan wenslijst . Modders have had to either do it themselves, spending hours upon hours sleeving their power supply cables individually, or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cable sleeving services.

Custom cables made by our custom cable sleeving services around the world. Transparent cable sleeving. You carefully put everything together, tucking cables here and there to have that perfect clean look that you can admire while enduring the load times of the latest, not so seamless, open world game.

John Williamson aka Pwnographyis back again with another case modding guide. This time he shows you how to sleeve the cables of your power supply and cooling fans. TechFlex or FlexoPET – TechFlex also known as Pet flex as well as a few other names is a plastic braided cable sleeve that has multiple uses in . HI, and welcome to my very first guide showing you how to sleeve your very own computer cables.

There are tones of guides on line that show you various ways of doing is.

In this guide I will be covering two things, 1. Fabricating your custom . Once you know, you Newegg! Find great deals on eBay for PC Cable Sleeving in Computer Case Mods, Stickers and Decals. Buy Best Quality PC Mods Cable Sleeving from modDIY. Papaya-Orange: Small Sleeve.

How to Sleeve Computer Cables. A fundamental component of computer building and modding is cable management. PC enthusiasts and modders complete this tedious process of sleeving cables merely for improved aesthetics. Cable Management Organizer Neoprene Cable Cord Wire Cover Hider Sleeves PC TV.

Protect your wires and reduce messy cables to improve air flow! These cable sleeve kits are combination of OK Gear and Techflex Clean Cut cable sleeve tubes sleeve my PC power supply PC PSU Cable Sleeving Kits include Black, Blue, UV Green, UV Red E. Flexible Cable Sleeve with Zipper. My channel – gaming, streaming, PC modding . Als je kwalitatief goede sleeving wilt zijn dat de enige beschikbare. Na mijn pc een Hardware update te hebben gegeven wilde ik verder gaan.

Mijn oog was gevallen op custom cables.

MDPC is duur maar heeft . In eerste instantie wilde ik gaan voor extensions van bitfenix. Wat ik echter minder vond aan deze extensions was dat je mooie kabels had bij de aansluitingen op het moederbor maar nog . Toru Sekiguchi gives us some insight into how he honed his artistic and design skills to become one of top modders from Japan and is now the owner of a well known cable sleeving company. We got to see Toru in action along with Ronnie and Reapervon during our PC MOD Workshop in Japan back in .