Omron timer

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Multiple time ranges and operating modes let you cover a wide range of applications. A wider power supply range reduces the number of timer mod- els kept in stock.

A wide range of applications through six or four operating modes. Reduced power consumption. Enables easy sequence checks through instantaneous outputs for a zero set value at any time range.

Easy-to- read LCD time remaining bar graph and output status indicators. Many control modes to match most applications. Thumbwheel switch selects time unit, control mode . DIN Analog-Set Timer with Many. Wide Supply Voltage Range. H Field-selectable time ranges from 0. H Select 2-, 4- , or 6-function models to handle most applications.

Het Japanse merk Omron is gespecialiseerd in industriële automatisering. Daarnaast is het merk actief in de gezondheidstechnologie.

Omron levert apparatuur aan ziekenhuizen en andere medische centra, maar is ook actief op de particuliere markt. Mensen zijn immers steeds meer bezig met hun gezondheid en willen . Add the supply voltage and time range code to the part number when you order. Scarborough, Ontario M1B 5V8.

DIN x 48-mm Multifunctional Timer. Choice of light gray, medium gray or black panel covers to match panel aesthetics. H3CR-A8S timers Back mounting, for use with Y92F-mounting adapter, bottom screw terminals. Omron offers three colors of panel covers. Free delivery on eligible orders.

Order by 8pm for same day dispatch. Vind omron timer op Marktplaats. Voor iedereen een voordeel. Miniature Timer with Multiple Time. Pin configuration compatible with MY Power Relay.

Ranges and Multiple Operating Modes. Standard multiple operating modes and multiple time ranges. Conforms to EMC standards. Nieuwe uitvoeringen met meer functionaliteit De H3CR-serie van Omron is al geruime tijd een vaste waarde op het gebied van tijdschakelklokken en timers.

Omron Industrial H5CX-N Ultra-compact Digital Timer replaces the popular H5CX timers and improvements include advanced functions and security settings.