Mycoplasma pcr

Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references. The maintenance of contamination-free cell lines is essential to cell-based research. Among the biggest contaminant concerns are mycoplasma contamination.

Although mycoplasma do not usually kill contaminated cells, they are difficult to detect and can cause a variety of effects on cultured cells, . While commercial test kits are quite easy and fast, they are often too expensive for most labs for routine testing. Commercial kits are unnecessary however, as primer sequences for mycoplasma detection have been published along with routine . The kit includes a unique reaction mix that contains all the ingredients required for PCR : nucleotides, primers, Taq Polymerase and magnesium. No prior preparations are required for PCR , . Recommendations for Optimal Result(s). Therefore, do not employ any other PCR reagents (i.e. which are not part of the kit) to perform the PCR. You just add template DNA or samples.

Lyophilised PCR mix for the detection of mycoplasma in cell culture by conventional PCR. Meets criteria of section 2. Leveringsinformatie: Delivery information: Supplied without Taq DNA polymerase. Kit contains PCR primer nucleotide mix, reaction buffer solution, . Conventional techniques used to detect mycoplasma involve culturing samples on selective media, which needs at least a week to obtain the . This product is intended for laboratory research purposes only. It is not intended for clinical use.

Guarding your cells from mycoplasma contamination requires periodical testing to make sure the cells are free of mycoplasma contamination and are reliable for experiments. DNA was extracted from the supernatant of each sample. After PCR -amplification of mycoplasma DNA, detection was performed by gel electrophresis. The PCR primers were designed to cover the consensus sequences that can detect all types of mycoplasma species.

Specification, Download specification (PDF). Avoid repeated changes in the reaction mix temperature. When in use, always keep the reaction mix on ice!

Shipment: wet ice in Germany, dry ice to abroad. Ready-to-use PCR Mix for the detection of . Toepassingsdatum zie metadata MuzliDoc. Mycoplasma is a common and serious contaminant of cell cultures. MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIAE SEMI-KWANTITATIEVE PCR.

Kostprijs en terugbetalingsmodaliteiten. Click here to see more information and manual. High specificity and sensitivity. Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase is applied.

Primers are designed with CLP Technology. Effective validation system is applied.