Molex to fan adapter

Once you know, you Newegg! FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. Hi, i have few fans from older PC case that can be connected only throu molex , the problem is they are high airflow high noise so if connected throu molex they work only at max speed.

The NA-SACadaptor allows you to connect a standard 3pin fan to the 4pin peripheral connector on your power supply. Fabrikantcode, R4-L2R-20AR-R1.

SickleFlow 1case fan. Ultra Dense Weave Braided Cable. Multi-sleeved Construction. Premium Quality Cable Assembly.

Large Internal Power CPU Fan Adapter Cable allows a fan with a TXmotherboard connector to draw power from a standard LPpower supply connector. Provides fans compatibility with tall chassis, enables better cable routing. Got some new 120mm fans, but to connect my window fan I need a molex to 3-pin fan adapter cable.

Anyone know where I can get one of them in PTA? Y- Splitters work as well, so you can power two fans off of one fan . Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Ik zou dus graag die vier fans rechtstreeks op mijn moederbord aansluiten om het moederbord de fan speed dynamisch te laten regelen. Zou dit lukken met deze kabel ? Thanks to the loop-through design of the 4-pin connector, you can still connect other . Molex connectors on your psu. Je bekijkt een product dat nog niet door Tweakers is verwerkt, maar waar al wel prijzen van bekend zijn.

Klik op de naastgelegen knop om de specificaties toe te . Hello, Can anyone find a store that sells these. I can only find ones which split into or even 3. HDMI, VGA en AV-kabels, gegarandeerd goedkoop! Usually used if you dont hav.

Hover mouse over images to enlarge. Bitfenix 60cm 3Pin To 3x 3Pin Fan Power Splitter Cable – Green.

I have heard that some adapters are serious fire hazards and wanted to know if this specific adapter is dangerous. My mobo came with only chasis. In one of the pictures it appears to have the adapter.