Molex naar 6 pin

But should I use this connector, or the 6pin that comes with the power supply? Mijn voeding heeft maar 1x 6pin en videokaart 2x 6pin. Verder had ik net even contact met de computerboer hier in de stad en die had een molex naar 6pin voor 50.

X MOLEX TO PIN VGA POWER CABLE -10CM. Once you know, you Newegg! Как подать питание на видеокарту если у вас в компьютерном блоке нет питания pin ? Смотрим ролик, есть решение за 23р! RqGoF I have seen a ton of posts showing the dangers of using sata to pcie so I stayed away, but I figured since molex to pin.

Obviously I made a connection fro PSU to . I dont like using a adapter for a pci-e to 8. I wouldnt use a molex personally. Depending on what molex you use, how the 12v rails are setup, you could overload one and either shut the pc down or fry the psu which might be a butthead and take some other parts with it. I think he means 4- pin molex to – pin. Купить с гарантией качества Шлейф Noname – pin – Molex xв интернет магазине DNS.

Выгодные цены на в сети магазинов DNS. Можно купить в кредит или рассрочку. I was running short on pin molex plugs on my PSU. Going through my box of cables I came across a single pin molex to pin PCI-E connector. Just what I needed to get around my shortage.

So I did some math pin Molex is rated for 60W, compared to 75W for PCI-E. Motherboards supply up 75W. Buy Molex to Pin Cable online at Lazada Philippines. This Dynamode 10cm 4- Pin Molex to – Pin PCle Cable will power a PCI-Express expansion card.

The cable is necessary if your power supply unit (PSU) does not have a PCI-Express port but has two 4- pin pe. Lock to Mating Part, Yes. Pitch – Mating Interface, 4. Polarized to Mating Part, Yes.

Graphic Power Cable(2x4pin Molex to 6Pin ): Internet Price: $5. One (1) 4- pin Molex power connector. This power adapter cable is used in conjunction with PCI Express graphics cards.

It allows two standard pin molex plugs to connect into the pin power socket on a PCI-E graphics card. Please check your Graphics Card Power Connector to ensure it matches our Pin Connector. We have included a Large Picture in the . Description: High quality and brand new.

One Black 4- Pin Molex Connector with Male Pins One Black – Pin PCI-E Connector with Female Pins Length: Approx. Uit voorraad leverbaar: stuks Levertijd: dagen (zaterdag). This PCI Express power adapter converts one 4- pin Molex power supply connectors into a single – pin PCI Express connector, allowing you to power a PCI Express graphics card by using your existing power supply. For use with PCI-Express video cards.

И есть три способа подключить райзер. Какой наиболее правильный? Molex 2) напрямую к блоку через SATA 3) напрямую к блоку через PCI-E pin. Сейчас через Sata но напряжение скачет больше и темерутура на пару градусов выше, чем .