Reliable level monitoring and control of liquids and solids. Ideal for industrial applications such as pump control and high or low alarm duty on tanks and pressure . For Liquid Level Alarm and Pump Control. Simple, rugge and reliable.

A piezo- electric crystal oscillates the forks at their natural frequency. Mobrey Magnetic Horizontal Float Switches. Changes to this frequency are continuously monitored.

The frequency of the vibrating fork sensor changes depending on the medium in which it is immersed. The float switch is designed to open or close a circuit (“ switch”) as a changing liquid level within a vessel passes the level of the float ( the Switch Point). When the process liquid level is below the Switch Point, the first set of . We are engaged in offering a wide range of mobrey magnetic control switches that are appreciated by the clients for high quality standards. These are known for their precision designs, high efficiency and long service life. These are fabricated with utmost precision as per the specifications of our clients.

Palm Oil Mill Equipments. One permanent magnet forms part of a float assembly which rises and falls with changing liquid level. A second permanent magnet is positioned within the switch or air pilot valve so that the . MOBREY MEASUREMENT – Point Level Switching. Back to Instrumentation Division.

Overflows can be both dangerous and costly, while empty vessels lead to pumps or downstream processes running dry. Obscuration monitor OM80. Electronic compensation for both lamp ageing and lens contamination.

Self-calibrating zero and span. Full password security access. Digital indication of obscuration. Analogue and relay outputs for ancillary instrumentation and alarms.

PROPOSED DISPOSAL OF MOBREY. Behuizing geheel vervaardigd uit aluminium brons en leverbaar met verschillende soorten elektrische of pneumatische schakeleenheden. Uitermate geschikt om op eenvoudige, betrouwbaar en doeltreffende wijze het . Sara he gestured toa knotof people standing nearby.

SKFloat available from Cochran Spares UK. Order online now for quick delivery. A piezo-electric crystal oscillates the forks at their natural frequency.