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Mobrey float level switches are rugge robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the most hazardous areas. Ideal for industrial applications such as pump control and high or low alarm duty on tanks and pressure . Mobrey float and Displacer level switches are rugge robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the . Mobrey Series VLS Vibrating Rod Solids Level Switch. Mobrey magnetic float switches can be used in a Safety Instrumented System ( SIS).

For Liquid Level Alarm and Pump Control Duties.

One permanent magnet forms part of a float assembly which rises and falls with changing liquid level. A second permanent magnet is positioned within the switch or air pilot valve so that the adjacent poles. The float switch is designed to open or close a circuit (“ switch ”) as a changing liquid level within a vessel passes the level of the float ( the Switch Point).

When the process liquid level is below the Switch Point, the first set of . MOBREY MEASUREMENT – Point Level Switching. Back to Instrumentation Division. Mobrey Equipment Reliable liquid level detection for high and low alarm or pump control is essential in industry.

Overflows can be both dangerous and costly, while empty vessels lead to pumps or downstream processes running dry.

Reliably detects the liquid level to give a voltage free contact operation for alarm signalling or as part of a pump control system. Float Operated Liquid Level Switch. Small in-tank dimensions, suitable for use where space in a vessel is limited. Available for side mounting with either a flanged or 2-in.

Measurement and Control Level meters Horizontal float switches Fig. Material wet portion housing 1. Mounting metho horizontal . Manufactured in 3stainless steel throughout, the M- Switch is available for side mounting with either a flange or 2” thread. Whether you require a switch for critical area applications or just general purpose control, the extensive range of Mobrey switches ensures that we will always have a solution to your particular problem. Mobrey Marine Supply in Malaysia from ShipServ. A choice of displacer-type or float-type operated . Detection, Even In The Harshest Environments.

The tough, rugged design enables long life in aggressive environments and can operate in almost any liquid at high pressures and . Compact Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch. No need for calibration and requires minimum installation procedures. Polarity insensitive and short.

Technical specification sheet. Vertical magnetic level switches.

Direct mount displacer controls. Chamber mounted controls. Still not found what you are looking for? Minimum Operating Temperature. Maximum Operating Temperature.

The consumption tank was equipped with two mobrey switches (float operated liquid level switches). The lower mobrey switch performed the function of automatically starting an electrical supply pump for filling the consumption tank with cylinder oil and the upper mobrey switch performed the function of . Modern Plant Ltd have been stockists and distributors for Mobrey products for over years and the sales team have unparalleled knowledge and experience in this sector. The principal remaining Mobrey branded products cover float switch applications, dry product levels, boiler controls and submersible pressure. Mobrey Iloat Sereh arrangement using vacuum to lift the water to on load test the switches c) Mobrey lloat switch arrangement usIng condensanon method (a) Mobrey float switch Check that test lamps indicate that float switch The rising water level lifts the float I and causes the actuates correctly permanent magnet to .