Mcp3008 datasheet

Anaputs programmable as single-ended or pseudo-differential pairs. SPI serial interface (modes and 1). Single supply operation: 2. The Microchip Technology Inc.

Differential Nonlinearity (DNL) and Integral Nonlinearity ( INL) are specified at ±LSB.

Heb je analoge inputs nodig? Deze chip voegt 8x 10-bits kanalen toe. Hij is makkelijk te gebruiken en maakt gebruik van SPI, dus je hebt maar pinnen nodig. Need to add anaputs?

This chip will add channels of 10-bit anaput to your microcontroller or microcomputer project. Check stock and pricing,. Description, IC ADC 10BIT 2. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), (Unlimited).

I have been struggling to figure this out and I do not know how to do it. This is typically taken care of internally by the spidev driver whenever the proper ioctl() function is . It is programmable to provide four pseudo-differential input pairs or eight single-ended inputs. Set to any GPIO pin other than . In this article we read analog data through Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) over Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Raspberry Pi has only digital inputs.

In my project I just needed to read data from proximity sensors. Performing a Voltage Reading. A and typical active currents of 3μA. Based on that information, we know that the resistance range of the photocell is 8~20K ohms.

Is the datasheet correct for your current environment? Частота выборок (макс.),kSPS, 200. Напряжение питания: AVDВ, от 2. Корпус, SOIC-PDIP-16 . OK, the code is ready for compilation!

Be sure to check the earlier to ensure that you have all the code in the right place.

Once you have entered all the code, you should now . You just need to test or read the datasheet.