Magnetic usb connector

DO YOU HAVE OVERENTHUSIASTIC CHILDREN? Are Your Kids a bit rough on your charge cable ? Is your charge cord a little worse for wear? Simply apply the connection to your device, attach the magnetic USB charger cable to your device connection and you are good to go! Even if the littlies pick up .

No more frustration of constantly aligning your micro USB charging cable. Simply leave the micro plug inserted in the charging port and effortlessly snap on the magnetic. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Whatever magnetic usb cable styles you want, can be easily bought here. The new magneticUSB cables.

The intelligent magnetic interface automatically finds its counterpart connector on the computer and prevents accidental pull-out of USB cables. Connection is just a snap away. MagneticUSB cable solutions are designed for USB 2.

Come with cable , micro usb connector and lightning connector. Shop now at price RMonly. Buy the latest micro usb magnetic cable GearBest. U kunt de connector in uw telefoon houden en hierdoor. Tevens leveren wij losse connectoren zodat heel uw huishouden gebruik kan maken van . Here is a list of the best MacBook Pro magnetic USB Type C Adapters.

The charging proceeds by applying a magnetic micro USB connector to device. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. First up is the MagC, another Kickstarter project that claims to offer “the best of three worlds” in combining USB -C and MagSafe. It works more or less the same as most of the other adapters : a small USB -C attachment is plugged into one of the ports by your laptop, which a magnetic connector then attaches . One part I really like about the Core is the Micro usb connector, This allows me to attach a magnetic USB cable and base.

I wish magnetic cables were made for Mini usb. Apple killed the MagSafe on MacBooks, but Vinpok’s Bolt-S brings it right back. The magnetic function allows me to easily remove the. Feature: CE, FCC and RoHS certifications.

A total of 1pieces of copper wires are designed with four-core wire. All in stock orders placed after 10am EST ship out the following business day from the US.

Thank you for your interest! We carry two different magnetic charging systems, and they are not compatible with each other. Länge USB -Anschluss ideal für Reisen praktisches Zubehör mit Magnetknöpfen Ist dir etwa dein Ladekabel fürs das Lieblingstoy abhandengek. Description This USB charging cable by Delock stands out due to its magnet technology und enables an easy and quick connecting and disconnecting between a device and the power source.

By using one of the three included magnet adapter different mobile devices, tablets etc.