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Linear power supplies are best for audio. Switching supplies are noisy. About years ago, Benchmark stopped putting linear power supplies into our new products, and we replaced them with switching power supplies.

We did this because linear supplies are too noisy. Innovatieve upgrade producten voor een sensationele geluidswinst. It seems like many people believe that if you want to get the best performance out of your dac or amp, a. While developing Nimitra Computer Audio Server, we also developed our own linear power supply aiming for affordable highend audio performance. The name “Nikola” is from the famous Nikola Tesla who invented affordable power distribution line that revolutionized the world until this day.

It has Hi-End R-Core transformer and support multi- rail output such as 19V,12V,5V, and adjustable output from 5V-19V. Each output ground is independent. Pure power – Excellent audio performance Pure power – Maximize equipment performance. Power Supplies The new psus replace the current range with a better lower noise circuit and housed in a new case The new psu enables us to fine tune.

This regulated linear power supply designed to power our future player with Raspberry Pi base. With CAS (computer as source) becoming more popular, it is not uncommon for users to require multiple DC power supplies of different voltages and current ratings to power different equipment. The secret to any great sounding audio component is a stable and absolutely noise-free power supply. Nativ Pulse features a highly sophisticated linear circuit design with dedicated supplies for the analog and digital sections, ultra-low noise linear regulators, custom-built toroidal transformer and a state-of-the-art AC power . TeraDak main markets include China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the North . MiniCap Power Supply Module.

Most power supply sections in . Dual-output, choke-filtered linear power supply with four user-selectable DC output voltages.